German Sister County Brings Brothers Grimm Exhibit to Dane County Airport Today

April 28, 2010
Supervisor Scott McDonell (279-6984) Karin Peterson Thurlow (266-4522)
County Board

Original books and artwork by the Brothers Grimm will be the featured exhibit at the Dane County Regional Airport beginning this Wednesday. The exhibit, titled “Once Upon a Time… The Brothers Grimm Life and Work”, will focus on the world-renowned fairy tales, and will be on display for the first time in North America. An opening ceremony and reception will be held from 5PM to 7PM tonight, Wednesday April 28 in the lobby at the Dane County Regional Airport. Dancers from the Madison Ballet will entertain. The 7 member delegation from Dane County’s sister county in Germany will also be present along with county officials. Dane County formed a sister county relationship with Landkreis Kassel, Germany in 2007. When a Kassel delegation visited in 2008, they shared their experience with regional transit and commuter rail. This time they have offered to share the Brothers Grimm exhibit. "Dane County has a special relationship with Kassel, which is the part of Germany where the Grimm Brothers lived and wrote their famous fairy tales,” said Scott McDonell, Chairman of the Dane County Board of Supervisors. “Many of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales are set in the forests and castles in the Kassel area. This tradition is a vital component of the Kassel culture and we are very pleased they are sharing an exhibit of books and artwork with us,” he concluded. The exhibit will be shown in the exhibition space in the lobby of the Dane County Regional Airport until the end of June. A delegation of elected officials from Kassel will be on hand to open the exhibit. During their visit, the delegation will also participate in meetings regarding tourism, regional transit, and the use of food and manure digesters to produce energy. The delegation’s visit will also coincide with the annual “German Day” held at the UW Memorial Union, where German language students in middle school and high school from across the state come together for a variety of activities. The theme for German Day this year is fairy tales, to take advantage of the Brothers Grimm exhibit. “A large proportion of Dane County’s residents claim German heritage,” said McDonell. “We hope this partnership, with a focus on cultural exchange and sharing of policy approaches, will enrich both Dane County and Landkreis Kassel.” # # #