Prescribed Burn at Prairie Moraine County Park Planned for Monday March 21, 2016, Other Locations to Follow

March 17, 2016
Darren Marsh, Parks Director (608) 224-3730 Erika Hotchkiss Brummel, Marketing and Outreach (608) 212-6358
Land & Water Resources

Prairie Moraine County Park is a popular destination for both hikers on the National Ice Age Scenic Trail and for dog walkers using the expansive dog exercise area.  The park site is one of the best examples of a terminal moraine, the leading edge of Wisconsin glaciation, occurring over 10,000 years ago and covering much of the great lakes region of North America.  According to Dane County Parks Director Darren Marsh, “The native prairie landscape along with the glacial features of the area makes this one of our most popular county parks”.


Marsh advises that if conditions are favorable to move forward as planned the park will close during the managed burn, but will reopen once the burn is complete.  “Upon reopening park patrons should be aware of the blackened ash and soot that will remain from the burned grasses. This soot will disappear with the first rain and the site will quickly green up again with lush vegetation”’ stated Marsh. He went on to explain, “Fire is an important tool used to help control invasive plants and to reduce the risk of wildfires. Controlled burns are used by many agencies to manage natural resource sites”.


The public should be aware that smoke may be seen during the burns and if viewing a fire, do so from afar to allow agencies plenty of room to safely mange the burn.


Dane County Parks is planning for other prescribed burns throughout the county. For more information, call the Dane County Parks Department at 224-3730.


For information on prescribed fires please visit: Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council