Warmer Weather Could Mean Temporary County Park Closures

March 09, 2016
Darren Marsh, Parks Director 608-224-3730 Erika Hotchkiss Brummel, Outreach and Marketing Coordinator 608-212-6358
Land & Water Resources

With the warm temperatures this week Dane County Parks Director,  Darren Marsh is advising county park patrons that some county parks may be temporarily closed during the next couple of weeks. The warmer weather brings out frost, making park lands and some facilities susceptible to damage due to the soft ground.  


Over the next several weeks visitors may encounter closed  park gates and facilities. Marsh is requesting that park patrons stay on surfaced pathways and roads. “We know that with the warm weather everyone is excited to get outside and into their county parks, however, not all facilities can support the use while the ground is still thawing out.” stated Marsh. “If we are able to reduce damage during this time of year it will greatly impact our maintenance costs and allow us to provide better services through the rest of the year.”


Once the frost exits the ground and the land firms up all county parks will be re-opened.  If patrons have questions regarding a closed park or facility, they should contact the Dane County Parks Office at (608-224-3730) or visit our website at http://www.countyofdane.com/lwrd/parks/.